Tuesday, December 10, 2002
  Collin May, himself a Canadian, writes about some of the problems affecting Canada right now, particularly the east-west devide. I've always been interested in Canada and try to follow its politics. Things there are a mess right now, and I feel if it was for the U.S. providing an anchor on which to define themselves, Canadians would lack an coherent sense of a nation. This is especially true of those who live in Southern Ontario, which is a tightly packed little wonderland in North America, anchored by my favorite city Toronto. However, most residents of the region barely acknowledge the rest of Canada. They have some vague notion of the French to the east, but if you listened to them it would seem if there was nothing out west but a few wile blue-eyed sheiks that raise a ruckus every now and then. To them, the west is nothing more than two ski resorts and a vacation in Vancouver. 
  Okay, back for another day studying real estate transactions, the basis of our legal system. Meanwhile the arse's in the Aussie High Court have handed down a ruling that doesn't bode well for the internet. I say kick'em out of the common law (we can do that, right). I'll be back when I haven't procrastinated enough. 
Monday, December 09, 2002
  I'll be back. 
  Attakullakulla Speaks! I shout out something meaningful when I actually finish these finals. 
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